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Mosques in Kerala

The mosques of Kerala are reminiscent of the Arabian legacy in Kerala. Islam in Kerala was introduced and propagated by the Arab traders and by some disciples of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s). The mosques in Kerala are among the oldest in the history of Islam, few of which were even built during the lifetime of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s).


The Cheraman Jama Masjid is the most popular and historical of all the mosques in Kerala. It is the oldest mosque in the Indian sub-continent and second oldest in the world. It is located in Kodungallur near Thrissur and was built around 629 A.D., seven years after the Prophet’s migration to Medina. The mosque derives its name from the ancient Chera ruler, Cheraman Perumal and was constructed by Malik Bin Dar. The architecture of the mosque resembles that of a temple and unlike other mosques that face westwards, this mosque faces eastwards. The mosque was constructed during the lifetime of the Prophet and shelters the bodies of some of his original followers. The mosque contains an ancient lamp which is more than thousand years old and is considered to have always been burning. The mosque is a symbol of ethnic vibrancy and communal harmony as it is one of the few mosques in Kerala that allows the entry of people of other religions.


The Malappuram Jamat mosque was built in the 19th century by a Hindu family, Prana Nambi as a sign of repentance for their crime and atrocities committed against Muslims. It is a lovely creation resplendent with blue doors and distinctive snow white walls. The mosque is known for its architectural excellence.


The Nainar mosque situated in Idukki district is the oldest and largest mosque in the district. It was rebuilt and resurrected to its original shape in 1979. The mosque is famous for its inscriptions inscribed on the stone steps. The mosque also has a large water tank which is believed to have been sculpted out of a single rock.


The Pazhayangadi mosque located in Malappuram district is also referred to as the Kondotty mosque. It was built in the 18th century along the lines of the Mughal style of architecture. The mosque is embellished with a lovely white dome that carries unique carvings. The annual festival at the mosque called Valia Nercha attracts thousands of devotees every year and is a popular event among the Muslims.


Malik Dinar Mosque carries a lot of historical significance as it was built by Malik Ibn Dinar, one of the disciples of Prophet Muhammad. He was one of the important figures that propagated Islam in Kerala. The mosque is situated at Thalangana in Kasargod. The body of Malik Ibn Dinar is buried within the mosque. An annual Urs festival held at the mosque is attended by pilgrims from all over India.


Besides these, there are several other mosques in Kerala such as the Charachira Jama Masjid situated at Palayam in Thiruvananthapuram, Kanjiramattom Mosque at Kanjiramattom in Ernakulam district, Odathil mosque in Kannur district and a host of other mosques of religious and historical significance.



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